BRONZE Level Medallion Workbook

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The Theory Time Medallion Series Bronze workbook covers the fundamentals of music theory. By working through the Bronze workbook, a student will cover concepts presented in Primer through Grade Three of the original workbook series. Upon completion of the Bronze workbook, the student will be ready to start the Grade Four workbook in the original Workbook Series or the Silver workbook in the Medallion Series. The Bronze workbook presents music alphabet, keyboard, staff & grand staff, stem rule, steps & skips on a keyboard & staff, repeated notes, dynamics, drawing the treble & bass clefs, treble clef lines & spaces, bass clef lines & spaces, quarter note & rest, half note & rest, whole note & rest, dotted half note, two-beamed 8th notes, bar lines, double bar line, measures, time signatures, rhythm drill, intervals, half & whole steps, sharps & flats, major scale pattern, major scales of C, F, & G, vocabulary, ear-training and a review test. This workbook is appropriate for adults and late beginners. This workbook includes 67 pages, 17 Lessons and 6 Fun Sheets.

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