GRADE FIVE – Early Intermediate

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This is an "early intermediate" level workbook. Lots of rhythm drill in this workbook! Concepts include: Stem rule, treble & bass clef note drill, introduction to 16th note & rest, dotted quarter note, ledger lines, melodic & harmonic intervals, half & whole steps, enharmonic notes, sharps, flats & naturals, major scale pattern, major scales & key signatures through 5 sharps & 5 flats, circle of 5ths, drawing major triads, primary chords, rhythm drill, vocabulary, ear-training, review test (67 pages, 14 Lessons, 6 Fun Sheets). Workbooks are NOT reproducible. Grade Five concepts are covered in the Silver Medallion workbook. Upon completion, a student is ready to begin the Grade Six workbook or, if 8th grade or older, the Gold Medallion workbook. (The Medallion Series is intended for older students trying to 'catch up' to grade level). Teachers: Check out the Theory Time Placement Tests under Reproducible Series. Use the free online Ear Training videos to do the ET at home. Use the 'Vocab Drills & Games' link to drill the vocabulary online, powered by Quizlet. The answers to this workbook and the ET guides are in Teacher's Edition Vol 2 (scroll down).

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