GRADE SEVEN - Intermediate

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This is an "intermediate" level workbook. Concepts include: Identifying & writing intervals, melodic & harmonic intervals, chromatic and diatonic half steps, double sharps & double flats, simple & compound meter, conducting patterns, review of major scales, key signatures & triads, relative minor keys, minor circle of 5ths, natural minor scales, major & minor triads, primary chords, rhythm drill, vocabulary, ear-training, review test. (67 pages, 13 Lessons, 5 Fun Sheets). Workbooks are NOT reproducible. Grade Seven concepts are covered in the Gold Medallion workbook. Upon completion, a student is ready to begin the Grade Eight workbook or the Gold Medallion workbook. Teachers: Check out the Theory Time Placement Tests under Reproducible Series. Use the free online Ear Training videos to do the ET at home. Use the 'Vocab Drills & Games' link to drill the vocabulary online, powered by Quizlet. The answers to this workbook and the ET guides are in Teacher's Edition Vol 2 (scroll down).

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