GRADE TEN - Advanced

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This is an 'advanced' level workbook. Concepts include: Perfect, major, augmented & diminished intervals & inversions, chromatic & diatonic half steps, major, minor, diminished & augmented triads & inversions, diatonic, chromatic & whole tone scales, 3 types of minor scales, seventh chords, V7 chords, major & minor circle of 5ths, parallel keys, simple, compound & irregular meter, open & close harmony in 4-part writing, authentic & half cadence, 4-part harmonic analysis, transposition, melody writing in melodic minor, vocabulary, ear-training, review test. (59 pages, 10 Lessons, 4 Challenge Sheets). Grade Ten concepts are covered in the Platinum Medallion workbook. Upon completion, a student is ready to begin the Grade Eleven workbook, or the Diamond Medallion workbook if on an accelerated track. Workbooks are NOT reproducible. Use the free online Ear Training videos to do the ET at home. Use the 'Vocab Drills & Games' link to drill the vocabulary online, powered by Quizlet. The answers to this workbook and the ET guides are in Teacher's Edition Vol 3 (scroll down).

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