GRADE TWELVE – College Prep

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This is a 'college prep' level workbook. Concepts include: Intervals (simple & compound), major, minor, diminished & augmented intervals, triads, & inversions, scale degree names, 4-part writing with inversions using figured bass, voice leading rules, seventh chords & inversions, V7 resolution, primary & secondary chords, doubling rules, monophonic, polyphonic & homophonic music, Alberti bass, other musical forms, Sonata-Allegro form & analysis of 8 sonatinas, rhythm drill, modes, twelve-tone row, secondary dominants, lead sheet notation, vocabulary, ear-training, review test. (59 pages, 11 Lessons, 3 Challenge Sheets). Workbooks are NOT reproducible. Grade Twelve concepts are covered in the Diamond Medallion workbook. Upon completion, a student is more-than-ready for freshman college theory. Use the free online Ear Training videos to do the ET at home. Use the 'Vocab Drills & Games' link to drill the vocabulary online, powered by Quizlet. The answers to this workbook and the ET guides are in Teacher's Edition Vol 3 (scroll down). p>SAMPLE PAGES: (click for larger view)

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