HIT A HOME RUN WITH THEORY! - Lesson Plans and Worksheets

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Baseball, hot dogs and music theory? What more could you offer your students on a hot summer day! Get your students “warmed up” with drills that will “sharp‘n” their average and have them hitting a home run in their musical studies. This packet includes 72 enticing, reproducible worksheets divided into three levels: “Pre-Season” for Grades 1-3, “Major League” for Grades 4-6 and “World Series” for Grades 7-9. Lots of ear training, note reading, notation, intervals, rhythm, half steps, whole steps, scales, key signatures, vocabulary and general theory are included, in addition to “Extra Inning” Fun Sheets. The packet includes approximately 36 hours of instruction and activities which can be covered in four days, three hours a day, with three teachers rotating groups. Use this packet as you "coach" your students on three different levels, or use it to help specific students "catch" up and get on grade level in their theory. [Note: Grade levels correlate with the workbook series] Students will “Get the Pitch”, “Bat the Beat”, and “Scale the Wall” on their way to the musical baseball Hall of Fame! Packet includes 89 pages. Written by Heather Rathnau, NCTM. ALL SALES FINAL ON REPRODUCIBLE MATERIALS.

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