PLATINUM Level Medallion Workbook

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The Theory Time Medallion Series Platinum workbook covers the Advanced levels of music theory. By working through the Platinum workbook, a student will cover the concepts taught in Grades Nine & Ten in the original workbook series. This workbook is appropriate for students who have a solid understanding of the Theory Fundamental through Intermediate levels (i.e. Primer through Grade 8 in the original Workbook Series.) The Platinum workbook will prepare a student for the College Prep Level in the original Workbook Series. Upon completion, a student will be ready to work in the Diamond Level or in the Grade Eleven workbook of the original Workbook Series.

The Platinum workbook presents spelling Major triads, chromatic & diatonic half steps, rhythm, key signatures, primary chords in inversions, Major & three types of minor scales, melody writing in Major and melodic minor, transposition, classification of intervals by type & size, exact same pitch, enharmonics, harmonic & melodic intervals, altering intervals, tritone, parallel keys, chromatic & whole tone scales, diatonic scale & chords, scale degrees, chords on a grand staff with figured bass, seventh chords, V7 chords in root position & inversions, simple, compound & asymmetrical meter, note groupings, 32nd note & rest, authentic, half & plagal cadence, voice-leading rules, four-part harmonic analysis, general voice-leading rules, sight-singing and vocabulary. This workbook includes 107 pages, 18 Lessons and 6 Challenge Sheets.

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