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This packet is intended to use with a Fifth Grade classroom music class that has covered the material already presented in the previous Elementary reproducible packets. Concepts include: Pre-test, note drill in treble & bass, stem rule, dotted notes, notation, grand staff, 16th note & rest, simple & compound meter, conducting patterns, rhythm drill, 6/8 time, syncopation, intervals (unison-8ve), whole & half steps, major scales & key signatures through 2 sharps & flats, introduction to harmonic minor scales, I, IV, V triads, strong & weak cadences, major & minor triads, vocabulary, ear training, post-test, teacher ear-training guide. 28 Lessons, 3 Fun Sheets.  ANSWER SHEETS SOLD SEPARATELY. Use Answer Sheet packet for 5th & 6th Grade under ‘ANSWER SHEETS’. ALL SALES FINAL ON REPRODUCIBLE MATERIALS.

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