GRADE TWO – Theory Fundamentals


Beginning 4th or 5th grade students could start at this level.(47 pages, 14 Lessons, 8 Fun Sheets)



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Beginning 4th or 5th grade students could start at this level or in the Bronze Medallion workbook. This is a “Theory Fundamental” level workbook. Older beginners, older than age 8, should consider using the Bronze Medallion workbook (see the Medallion Series video on the home page). Many concepts are repeated and reviewed in each of the “Theory Fundamental” levels. This is to ensure that a firm foundation is set. Concepts include: Music alphabet, keyboard drill, staff, stem rule, steps, skips, repeated notes, dynamics, drawing the treble & bass clef, treble & bass clef lines and spaces, quarter note & rest, half note & rest, whole note & rest, dotted half note, introduction to two-8th notes (beamed), measures, bar lines, double bar line, time signatures, rhythm drill, sharps & flats, vocabulary, ear-training, review test (51 pages, 14 Lessons, 8 Fun Sheets). Workbooks are NOT reproducible.

Teachers: Check out the Theory Time Placement Tests under Reproducible Series. Grade Two concepts are covered in the Bronze Medallion workbook. Upon completion, a student is ready to begin the Grade Three workbook or the Bronze Medallion workbook. Use the free online Ear Training videos to do the ET at home. Use the ‘Vocab Drills & Games’ link to drill the vocabulary online, powered by Quizlet. The answers to this workbook and the ET guides are in Teacher’s Edition Vol 1.

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