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This is the note-reading packet in the Pre-Primer Series. The Theory Time Pre-Primer C offers a unique answer to teaching note reading to a very young student, gifted student or a student with special learning needs. By showing how a rotated keyboard can become the lines and spaces of the grand staff, the dilemma of teaching note reading from the perspective of the “Middle C position” or the “C Major position” is solved. Students learn from the very beginning that the grand staff is really just one big staff and the music alphabet is continuously repeated, line-space-line-space. Middle C is the natural division between the treble and bass staves.
Emphasis is also placed upon the concepts of HIGH and LOW as the words relate to both location and sound.
The challenge of teaching students to write notes ON A LINE is addressed through many examples that explain the differences between what is taught in school and what is learned in music. This packet includes 56 pages. ALL SALES FINAL ON REPRODUCIBLE MATERIALS. Part of the proceeds from the sale of any item in the Pre-Primer series is donated to Dreams Fulfilled Through Music, a non-profit organization created to assist children with special learning needs.

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