PRE-PRIMER D Basic Elements of Rhythm



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This is the rhythm packet in the Pre-Primer Series. The Pre-Primer D packet presents the basic elements of rhythm, spanning how to draw notes, stems, and rests through time signatures, measures, counting and dynamics (loud & soft). Types of notes include quarter, half, dotted half and whole. Rests include quarter, half and whole. Worksheets can all be enlarged for the very young student or those with special needs who need extra practice in developing the fine motor skills needed to write notes and rests legibly. Visual and aural recognition and understanding of what is meant by a steady beat are emphasized. Students are given written examples to complete and asked to tap and clap simple rhythm patterns.

The concept of what a dot means in music is explained, and enrichment activities are given to help students understand the relationships between the various note values. The use of the metronome is introduced in a fun and captivating manner in Lesson Four, where counting with note values is initially presented. Lesson Five focuses on time signatures and what they mean. Throughout this packet, reference is made to the Music Learning Community for aural-based rhythm games for reinforcement of the concepts taught. This packet includes 50 pages. ALL SALES FINAL ON REPRODUCIBLE MATERIALS.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of any item in the Pre-Primer series is donated to Dreams Fulfilled Through Music, a non-profit organization created to assist children with special learning needs.

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