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This packet is intended to use with a Third Grade classroom music class. Concepts include: Pre-test, music alphabet (up & down), staff, line & space notes, dynamics (f, p, mf, mp, ff, pp, crescendo, diminuendo), treble clef lines & spaces, quarter note & rest, two-eighth notes (beamed), half note & rest, dotted half note, whole note & rest, repeated notes, intervals (2nd & 3rd), ear training (steps, skips, repeated notes, rhythm recognition, tempos: Allegro, adagio, ritardando & accelerando), rhythm drills, sharp, flat, natural, staccato, slur, tie, post-test, teacher ear-training guide. 31 Lessons, 2 Fun Sheets. ANSWER SHEETS SOLD SEPARATELY. Use Answer Sheets for 3rd & 4th Grade under ‘ANSWER SHEETS’. ALL SALES FINAL ON REPRODUCIBLE MATERIALS.

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