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Notespeed is a fast, competitive, and hands-on card game for one or two players published by CNT Creations.   It teaches the notes from Low C to High C in six sequential levels. Included in this set are the Primer Level through Level 5.

Why should I use Notespeed with my children or students?

1.  It’s a fun way to learn how to read music.

2.  Most music students have holes in their note reading.

3.  It can be practiced at home individually or played with a partner.

4.  Flashcards are boring and time consuming.

5.  It teaches the natural pattern of note reading instead of by 3rds or skips on the


How is it organized?

Primer Level uses just the letter names ABCDEFG.

Levels 1-5 use small, specific sections of the grand staff in each level.

Level 1 video (Middle C position):

Level 2 video (Middle C up to Treble C):

Level 3 video (Middle C down to Bass C):

Level 4 video (Treble C up to High C):

Level 5 video (Low C up to Bass C):

Level 6 video (complete grand staff, Low C up to High C).  Players are allowed to skip octaves:

All seven levels are included in the set.   Notespeed instructions, stuck sheet, notespeed challenges and certificates are available on the CNT Creations website: Click on “Free Downloads” at

Besides benefitting from all the great learning tools this game provides, it is a BLAST to play!  

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