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The “Piano Police” are on patrol in a neighborhood near you! They are prepared to issue tickets to students who violate the “laws of music”! Do you have trouble with students who don’t keep a steady beat? The Piano Police will issue a ticket for ‘speeding’. Do students ignore ritards? How about a ticket for ‘failure to yield’? Please don’t forget your music or you will be cited for ‘driving without a license’.

Each ticket states a PENALTY suggesting a way to practice in order to successfully get the ticket dismissed at the next lesson. Failure to practice the PENALTY may result in being under ‘a rest’! (Hold a ‘rest’ flash card over your student’s head). Get your student’s attention under the radar with PIANO POLICE and make good practicing a fun rule of law!!

Each packet includes a Police Book, Citation Chart, “Under a Rest” cards (Quarter, Half and Whole rests), and three copies each of 17 tickets. Assorted colors available for the Police Book. Not recommended to use with young students. Recommended age 5th grade and up.
(badge, whistle, car, and baton pictured are NOT included.)

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