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The Theory Time Medallion Series Gold workbook covers the fundamentals of music theory. (99 pages, 21 Lessons and 9 Fun Sheets)



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The Theory Time Medallion Series Gold workbook covers the intermediate level of music theory. By working through the Gold workbook, a student will cover the concepts taught in Grades Six through Eight in the original workbook series. This workbook is appropriate for students who have a solid understanding of the Theory Fundamental and Early Intermediate levels (i.e. Primer through Grade 5 in the original Workbook Series.) The Gold workbook will prepare a student for the Advanced Levels in the original Workbook Series. Upon completion, a student will be ready to work in the Platinum Level or in the Grade Nine workbook of the original Workbook Series.

The Gold workbook presents drawing the treble & bass clefs, treble clef lines & spaces, bass clef lines & spaces, note drill with and without ledger lines, staff & grand staff, notation, stem & beam rule, note groupings, 6/8 time, triplets, rhythm drill, simple, compound & asymmetrical meter, conducting patterns, cut time, double flat & double sharp, accidentals, chromatic & diatonic half steps, whole step, enharmonics, perfect & major intervals, major scale pattern, all major scales, I, IV, V triads, relative minor, minor circle of fifths, natural, harmonic & melodic minor scales, naming & drawing major & minor key signatures, major, minor & diminished triads, chord inversions, transposition, melodic sequence, vocabulary, list of interval tunes. This workbook includes 99 pages, 21 Lessons and 9 Fun Sheets.

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