PRIMER LEVEL – Theory Fundamentals


Perfect for a Kindergarten student or young 1st or 2nd grader! (59 pages, 11 Lessons, 9 Fun Sheets)



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The Primer workbook is the study material for the NFMC “C” level theory test.  Perfect for a Kindergarten student or young 1st or 2nd grader! Staffs are large to accommodate fine-motor skills. This is a “Theory Fundamental” level workbook. Concepts include: Keyboard drill, high, middle & low, up & down, music alphabet, introduction to the staff, dynamics, line & space notes, steps & skips on a keyboard/staff, repeated notes, treble clef lines & spaces, bass clef lines & spaces, quarter note & rest, half note & rest, whole note & rest, dotted half note, rhythm drill (no time signature), ear-training, review test. (59 pages, 11 Lessons, 9 Fun Sheets). Workbooks are NOT reproducible. Primer concepts are included in the Bronze Medallion workbook. Upon completion of the Primer workbook, a student is ready to begin the Grade One workbook. Older beginners, older than age 8, should consider using the Bronze Medallion workbook. Use the online free Ear Training videos to do your ET at home. Use the ‘Vocab Drills & Games’ link to drill the vocabulary, powered by Quizlet. The answers to this workbook are found in Teacher’s Edition Vol 1.

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