PRE-PRIMER B – Position & Movement, Music alphabet and Keyboard. (5 lessons, 75 pages)



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PRE-PRIMER B – The precise use of language terms and the accuracy and timing of verbal instruction matching physical instruction is vital to prevent inaccurate statements leading to confusion. This packet, written specifically for special needs children, uses precise language and instructions to assist you, the teacher. Special needs and gifted children have the same learning process. The rate of completion will be different. The concepts covered in this packet include: Position & Movement, Music alphabet and Keyboard, Position on the keyboard, absolute & relative, up & down, below & above, horizontal movement on the keyboard, moving up & down, definitions & correlation of concepts & terms, Fun Sheets, Teacher Guide. (5 lessons, 75 pages) ALL SALES FINAL ON REPRODUCIBLE MATERIALS. Part of the proceeds from the sale of an item in the Pre-Primer series is donated to Dreams Fulfilled Through Music, a non-profit organization created to assist children with special learning needs.

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